AgroStar Krishi Gyaan
Pune, Maharashtra
22 Feb 20, 01:00 PM
Krishi VaartaLokmat
Young Farmers will get 3.75 Lakh to Start Business
New Delhi: The Modi government has taken big steps to provide employment to youth in rural areas. Soil Health Management Plan has been prepared by the Union Ministry of Health. Under this scheme, youth in rural areas of 18-40 years of age can set up a soil testing laboratory at the village level. It costs 5 lakhs to set up a laboratory and the government will pay 75%, which is 3.75 lakh.
Soil Health Management Plan Under this scheme, if a self-help group, farmers group, or farmers association is set up to establish this laboratory, they too would benefit from the scheme. The government will provide 300 per sample for soil sampling, testing and soil health cards. Proposals for setting up a laboratory can be made in a Deputy Director, Joint Director’s office. Start doing this This laboratory can be started in two ways. The lab can be opened by renting a shop. The second method involves transferring the laboratory, taking it anywhere, to a mobile soil testing van. For this, 5 thousand crore rupees will be added to the accounts of 1.5 crore farmers. Source: Lokmat, 19 February 2020 If you find this information useful, Like and Share it with all your farmer friends.