Will there be the rain in Gujarat? Know forecast.
For the next 10 days, rainfall is expected in most parts of Gujarat. However, according to the Meteorological Department, Gujarat is not ready to receive heavy rainfall for the next 4-5 days. However, it is not surprising if there is scattered or moderate rainfall in some areas, but rarely will heavy rains occur in some places. Jayant Sarkar, Regional Director of the Meteorological Department, said that the low-pressure system, which brought good rainfall in most areas of Gujarat, has now moved further west. So that Gujarat is not likely to receive heavy rains anymore. However, the rainfall system of North Gujarat and the entire west coast of the state will remain active and this will cause light to moderate rainfall in different areas of Gujarat. The Meteorological Department predicted heavy rainfall for August 13-14 at Dang, Navsari, Valsad and Tapi districts in the centrally controlled Daman, Dadar-Nagar Haveli. Source: ABP Asmita August 12, 2019
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