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Which is the best variety of cotton seed for this season?
The correct variety of cotton seed has to be selected based on the type of soil, irrigation facilities, weather and lastly as per your experience of crops sown in the last season. _x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ There are three varieties which are early, medium and late maturity. _x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ 1. If your land is fertile with sufficient irrigation facilities, and you are planning to sowing early then late maturity varieties are to be chosen. _x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ 2. With less irrigation facilities, where the dependency is on canals or wells for irrigation, the medium maturity varieties can be chosen. _x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ 3. To sow non-irrigated cotton or if the land is less fertile, always choose early maturity varieties. _x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ 4. If you are planning to grow winter crops like wheat or mustard, early or medium variety is better for you which matures within 5 months/150 days with good management practices. _x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ 5. Varieties also have to be chosen as per the weather in your area._x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ 6. You have to sow at the right time.
To choose the right variety and to know the right sowing dates for each variety, speak to AgroStar’s Agri doctors today. _x005F_x000D_ Just give a missed call on 1800 3002 6120 and AgoStar’s Agri Doctors will call you for guidance. _x005F_x000D_ _x005F_x000D_ Don’t forget to share this very important information with other cotton farmers. This time choose the right variety. Jai Kisan!
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