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Vaccinate your Cattles at Right Time
In order to prevent disease in animals, vaccination should be completed at the recommended time. Animals should be given minerals and vitamins to improve resistance in their bodies. Benefits of Vaccination in Animals - • Animals should be vaccinated before they get sick. • If animals are vaccinated before any disease, it can take up to two to three weeks for their bodies to become resistant. • Vaccination increases immunity in animals which helps to escape further disease or infection. Appropriate Age for Vaccination: • In order to prevent Black Quarter disease, six months of calf and big animals should be vaccinated. • If the cow has not been vaccinated against FMD, the calf aged six to seven weeks should be vaccinated.
Ways to Treat after Illness:_x000D_ • Keep animals suffering from a disease separate from healthy ones and give them fodder away from others. Do not allow them to graze outside._x000D_ • The animals' dwelling place should be disinfected._x000D_ • Do not allow diseased animals to drink water in the river or pond._x000D_ • Infected animals should be treated at an appropriate interval._x000D_ • Do not allow the animals anywhere near the affected area._x000D_ • Avoid market or exhibition of animals in infected areas._x000D_ • Set the excrement of sick animals and leave the fodder in the right place; properly bury the dead body of animals._x000D_ Context - Agrowon
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