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Uses of Trichoderma Viride as a bio-fertilizer
Introduction: At the commencement of current season, sowing of vegetables will be observed everywhere in India. In order to control the spread of diseases through the soil, there is no need to using chemical fungicide in the soil for the seedlings of plants. However, chemical fungicides are not effective in the long run and affect soil microorganism’s effectivity in the soil. Not only this, due to the sudden change in the weather, cropping system, increased use of chemical fertilizers, fungicides, day-by-day useful microorganisms are reducing from the soil. Organic Farming is a potential answer and Trichoderma bio-fertilizer is widely used in the organic methods. Trichoderma is a bio-fertilizer and bio-fungicide available in both powder and liquid form in the market. These available formulations are used in integrated disease management of the crops and also for seed treatment, as manure and bio-fertilizers, and can be used in slurry and drip irrigation. Listed below are the uses of Trichoderma viride application during the growth of different crops:- 1) Trichoderma is prepared in both liquid and powder form. Most of the powder products are widely used in soil application ; Liquid formulation can be used through drip irrigation. For transplanting seedlings from seedbed to the field, the roots should be immersed in the solution of Trichoderma viride. 2) For the seed treatment of 1 Kg of seeds, 5 grams of Trichoderma powder is used. For Pomegranate tree give 50 to 100 gms of Trichoderma powder along with farm yard manure. 3) In the preparation of nursery-raised beds, 10 to 15 g of Trichoderma Powder should be used per sq. meter area. While using vermicompost, mix Trichoderma powder in it. 4) Trichoderma growth in soil depends on moisture availability. More the moisture, better the growth. If the soil (pH) is between 6.5 to 7.5, then the result of Trichoderma bio fertilizer is very good. 5) Trichoderma Powder can be used before sowing in the field for the control of diseases like white rot, Bulb rot in the onion crop. Add 2 kg of Trichoderma powder to the field along with 100 kg of farmyard manure for effective yield of onion. 6) In the nursery, Trichoderma helps with the control of wilt disease in all vegetable crops. After transplanting the vegetables in the field, drenching should be done to control wilting and damping off disease. 6) To ensure the effectiveness of Trichoderma, any chemical fungicide should not be used 15 days before or after the application. Spraying of Trichoderma is also beneficial for the control of foliar diseases. However, it is necessary to have a favorable environment in the field for fungal growth. Source: Mr Tushar Ugale Assistant Professor (K.K.Wagh Agriculture College, Nashik)
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