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Tips for Keeping your Cattle Healthy and Illness-free
The source of wealth of the cattle breeders is their livestock. If the milch cattle and the calves are healthy in the present, only then the profit can be generated in the future. Care to be taken completely depends on the cattle breeder and expenditure isn't included additionally. All that is needed is an effective solution; so let's get to know some guidelines…..
Fresh and Clean Drinking Water: Water is one of the most important elements of animal nutrition. Water is very necessary for a healthy body and its temperature, food digestion, and milk production. Adult cattle are needed to consume 35 to 70 litres of water a day. Balanced Diet: Several cattle's food consumption has its limitations. They can eat 25% of dry feed and up to 10% of green feed according to their weight. The cattle may starve if it is fed a smaller amount of fodder and, as a side effect, its growth may be restricted, cause late pregnancy, and lack of nutrition may contribute to various ailments. To order to eliminate this, green grass and the essential concentrated feed should be given to keep them healthy. Adult cattle can consume 9–11 kg of dry grass and 35–45 kg of green grass. Giving excess grass than the amount specified could lead to wastage. It is recommended that the milch animal be fed 50% concentrated feed of its milk content. Source: AgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumb icon at the bottom of the photo and share it with your farmer friends through the options below!
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