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Symptoms and Diagnosis of Kidney Stones in Cattle
A number of new ailments also have an impact on cattle, based on the changing circumstances. One such illness is the major issue of stones. People have limited knowledge of this disease in cattle.
The problem of stones is not extremely dangerous. This disease can easily be found in sheep, goat, buffalo, dog, etc._x000D_ Causes:_x000D_ There are a number of possible reasons for the occurrence of stones in cattle. To name a few, rapid climate change, food and diet, and so on._x000D_ High Threat to Male Cattle:_x000D_ The issue of stones is always more prominent in male cattle than those in female cattle. It can be said with certainty about this, but experts believe that the urine tube in female animals is wide so unwanted elements is easily eliminated. But in male animals, the urine pipe is thin, so there are more chances of getting stones._x000D_ Symptoms of Stones:_x000D_ 1. At certain intervals, the animal attempts to urinate but is not able to pass urine._x000D_ 2. The animal begins to be horrified or sometimes stands up because of restlessness._x000D_ 3. Cattle avoid eating fodder._x000D_ 4. Stomach tends to be a little more bloated than usual._x000D_ When Symptoms Appear:_x000D_ 1. Pay close attention to the actions of the cattle. _x000D_ 2. Careful attention needs to be paid to clean water. _x000D_ 3. Do not consider home treatments and consult veterinarian._x000D_ Source: Krishi Jagran_x000D_
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