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Successful banana farming in Drought, thanks to the ‘Gold Service’!
Shri Pandurang Lavhale, a farmer from Parbhani district, was unable to practice agriculture due to drought. In such a situation, he was confused with burning questions such as the type of crop to be considered to generate more income with less expenditure. AgroStar supported him in this situation. Since in the past, he had purchased AgroStar's ‘Gold Treatment' service for Watermelon; he was satisfied with this service.
n this drought, too, he benefited from AgroStar's Gold Service. Through this service, the Agri-Experts advised him to cultivate banana crops. The guidance through the Gold Service includes how to cultivate the crop, how often and how much water to give, the use of fertilisers and pesticides in drought. He estimates that banana production will rise to 50 tonnes, as a result of the guidance through Gold Service. If you also want to practice successful farming, watch this video!
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