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Subsidy of Rs. 588 crore for the management of farmers
New Delhi. The central government has issued a subsidy of Rs 588 crore to the farmers in 2019 for the purchase of parali management machine. Last year, the amount was Rs 565 crore. Director-General of Indian Agricultural Research Council (ICAR) Trilochan Mahapatra said that farmers are constantly being made aware of the parali management. Make parali a source of income by not burning it in the fields. This will reduce air pollution and save water in the field. Now people are beginning to understand that burning of parali is reducing the fertility of their land. If the residue is mixed in the field itself, it will work as fertilizer. He said that in the year 2018, 4,500 villages started to manage the Parali completely, whereas in the previous year this figure was only 100. Haryana has witnessed a decrease of 40 to 45% in the cases of burning of parali. In Punjab, such cases have decreased by 14 to 15% and in Western Uttar Pradesh 25 to 29%. Up to 80% subsidy is given to cooperatives and 50% to farmers. He added that mixing parali in the field increases the amount of carbon, phosphorus. The Center for Agricultural Sciences (KVK) is working closely with state governments for the management of parali. Source - Outlook Agriculture, 13 August 2019
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