Monsoon SamacharAgriculture Weather Expert - Shri. Ramchandra Sable
Small to moderate rainfall likely in early October
The air pressure in Maharashtra is on the rise, and it will increase to 1010 hectopascal. At that time, the rainfall level will decrease. However, as a favourable environment is created, some areas will receive light to moderate rainfall. On October 1 and 2, it will also receive rains in the eastern part of Maharashtra ie Central and Eastern Vidarbha, the eastern districts of Marathwada and the eastern districts of western Maharashtra. Rainfall is expected in southern Maharashtra on October 3. This situation will continue until October 4th. The rain is also expected in the northeastern state on September 7. The northern part of Konkan is expected to receive good rains earlier this week. Agricultural advice 1. There is a very favourable climate for sowing rabi crop and where there is 5 mm of moisture. After sowing, sow and irrigate. 2. Be careful that the paddy mules have a height of 8 cm. 3. Where seeds have not been sown, sowing should be done. Also, where there are dense seedlings, there should be a break. 4. For sowing of onion, tomato, eggplant, cabbage, the flower should be prepared for the rabi season.    Source- Senior Agricultural Climate Expert Ramchandra Sable
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