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Significance of Mineral Mixtures in Livestock Diet
Nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals are very important to livestock in the effective animal husbandry business. There are two main types of mineral elements. The first main minerals are calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium and sulfur, while the second major minerals are iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, manganese, iodine, selenium and fluorine. A mineral mixer should be supplied to the livestock daily in sufficient quantity to ensure that the growth and feed capacity are not disrupted.
Points to be noted: • Water has very small amounts of micro-mineral elements, so its water availability is negligible; but when there is a high amount of chlorine in the water, complications appear. • Certain types of concentrated feed, the use of pulses and leaves, prevalent animal feed such as indigenous acacia beans, gourd acacia bean pods, mango kernels, etc. are ways to overcome the lack of nutrients. • However, if sufficient main and micro mineral mixtures are not found in the daily diet of the animal, then at that time the mineral mixture in the diet of the animal should be given 30-50 grams per day per animal. Source: AgroStar Animal Husbandry Expert If you find this information useful, click on the thumbs up sign; and don’t forget to share it with your farmer friends!
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