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Role of Panchagavya in Plant Health
• Panchagavya plays an important role for promoting growth and development of plants and also provides the immunity. • Contains several nutrients i.e. macronutrients like N,P,K. • Micronutrients which are required for the growth and development of plants and also contains various amino acids, vitamins, growth regulators like Auxins, Gibberellins and also beneficial microorganisms like Pseudomonas, Azatobacter and phosphors bacteria etc. INGREDIENTS - QUANTITY • Biogas slurry or cow dung -5 kg • Cow’s urine-3 litres • Cow’s milk-2 litres • Curd from cow’s milk-2 litres • Ghee from cow’s butter-1 litres • Sugarcane juice-3 litres • Tender coconut water-3 litres • Banana-12 numbers
PREPARATION: • First mix cow dung with ghee and small quantity of cow’s urine. • Leave this for 3 days. Place this in a broad mouthed mud pot and add the remaining ingredients. • Mix well by hand and without closing with lid keep in shade. Daily morning and evening mix well by hand. • In about 10 days panchagavya will be ready. If you mix it daily with hand or with a wooden ladle it would keep well for a month.
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