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Pomegranate Nutrient Management
In the current scenario, chemical fertilizers and micronutrients should be used to test the soil in the pomegranate orchard. Chemical fertilizer should be given according to the age of the pomegranate plant. Give 20 kg of dung, 2 kg of neem cake, 1 kg of vermicompost, 25 gm of Trichoderma plus, add 15 gm of Azatobacter at the time of pomegranate blooming. Give 325: 250: 250 gm of nitrogen, phosphorus or potash to the pomegranate plant for the first time, while watering. After flowering, the remaining amount of nitrogen should be given in two-three steps. Also, 200 gm of magnesium sulphate should be given during the blooming phase. Give 500 g of DAP and 100 g of MOP to lemon-sized fruit. When the fruit turns guava-shaped, 200 gm 19:19 and 100 gm MOP should be given.
Use grades 12: 61: 0, 19: 19: 19, 13:40:13, 13: 0: 45, 0:52:34 and 0:50, depending on the plant growth level when using soluble fertilizers. AgroStar Agronomy Center Excellence
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