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Organic Mulching Aids in Maintaining Soil Temperature!
Organic mulches prevent soil erosion and moderate soil temperature. It provides nutrients to plants as it slowly composts, gives plants seasonal fuel and habitat as it actively eliminates pathogens and pests, stimulates beneficial species, neutralizes pollutants. Application of mulch is the magic to any garden or orchard, especially during a drought period. Advantages of Organic Mulching:
 Mulch layer reflects the maximum sunlight or else sunlight heats the soil. It maintains the optimum soil temperature._x000D_  The rate of evaporation from the soil surface was restricted due to the avoiding of direct entry of solar radiation. So, its application is beneficial in hot and dry climates._x000D_  Mulch layer also restricts the weed growth because if soil is covered with mulch layer then light will not reached at soil surface. _x000D_  It also protects soil surface to erosion from the high-speed wind and surface runoff. _x000D_  It restricts the rainwater flow rate and hence restricts the soil and water runoff. _x000D_  Rainwater surface runoff does not arrive in direct contact and rainwater runoff slows down and increase the infiltration amount of water, which indicates the more available soil moisture for plant use. _x000D_  Organic mulches are also improved the soil characteristics. It improves the soil physical, chemical and biological properties. _x000D_  These mulches are slowly decomposed, and they increase organic content in the soil, which helps to keep the soil loose. _x000D_  These organic contents become food for the useful earthworms and other microorganisms available in the soil. _x000D_  The organic mulches also improve the organic carbon in the soil. More the organic carbon, more the fragile of the soil._x000D_  It facilitates the better root penetration and root development and extraction of nutrients from a deeper layer of the soil. _x000D_  It improves root growth of the crop, increases the infiltration of water, and water retention capacity of the soil._x000D_  The organic mulches attract most of the soil beneficial micro-flora which in turn act on the degradable wastes and aids in the release of plant nutrients._x000D_ _x000D_ Source: www.agriculturejournal.org_x000D_
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