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Nutrition in Calves is Highly Significant
The success of any dairy farm relies entirely on the good management of its calves. Better nutrition in the early lives of calves is essential for fast development and early maturation. Inappropriate nutrition in calves can contribute to delayed pregnancy and decrease in milk productivity._x000D_ Important facts about the diet of calves:_x000D_ • Colostrum should be fed within half an hour of the birth of the calves _x000D_ • Feed 10% milk to the calves as per their weight for two months _x000D_ • Feed good quality of calf’s starter from the second week of birth_x000D_ • Various types of deworming medications should be given each month _x000D_ • Provide milk replacer (substitute) to calves_x000D_ • If milk is fed individually, mix it with antibiotic powder _x000D_ • Feed good quality dry grass to calves _x000D_ • Vaccination should be performed on time_x000D_ Source: NDDB
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