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Note these Important Information before Buying Livestock
Most cattle breeders purchase dairy cattle from other locations at an expensive price. However, it is later discovered that milk production is not as much as the broker had indicated. Financial losses are caused to livestock breeders in such situations. Keep the Following Points in Mind Body Structure: The healthy cattle's body is thin in the front and wide from the back. Their nostrils are open, their jaws are powerful, attractive eyes, long tail, and soft, thin skin. The parts of the chest are developed and has a wide back. Milk Production: The market price of milch cattle is determined by the quantity of milk it produces; therefore double-check by milking the cattle for 2-3 days before purchasing it. Age: Usually the capacity of a cattle to generate calves ends after 10-12 years of age. Milk production is at its peak until the third or fourth child, which gradually decreases. Animals' age is defined by the appearance and amount of teeth in them. Source: Gaon Connection
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