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News Paddy Varieties to Generate Maximum Yield!
The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has developed new paddy varieties. These varieties are expected to increase yield and offer farmers maximum profits. CSR-46 This variety of paddy is prepared in 130 to 135 days. The flowering begins in 100 to 105 days. Length of the plant is 115 cm. This results in 36% more than the NDRK 50035 variety. It can be cultivated in normal soil; yields of 65 quintals per hectare can also be produced. It can yield up to 40 quintals in barren (Kalarathi) soil. CSR-56
This variety is produced in 120 to 125 days. The flowering occurs in 90 to 95 days and the plant is up to 100 cm. On average, up to 70 quintals per hectare of yield can be generated on various soil types. However, in acidic soil 43 quintals of yield can be produced. CSR-36 It is generally ready in 125 to 130 days. It is tolerant of the acidic soil. It yields 9 percent, 53 percent, and 43% higher than the BPT 2204 and Jaya respectively, which yield up to 70 quintals per hectare. The three varieties are resistant to diseases such as, Leaf Blast, Neck Blast, Sheath Blight, Bacterial Leaf Blight and Paddy Blast. In addition to insect resistance, the Leaf folder and the White-backed plant hopper can withstand the outbreak of pests. ICAR has recommended the development of these three paddy varieties in the plains of Northern India. Source - Krishi Jagran, 09 February 2019
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