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Neem Extract Preparation Method for Pest Control
The neem extract is the least expensive pesticide for crops that is commonly used for pest control. In all other crops, such as vegetables, cereals, cereals, legumes, cotton, and others, it is used as a pesticide. Neem Extract Preparation Method: Unless neem seeds are collected or unavailable, neem powder available in the market can be used to make extracts. Soak 5 kg of neem powder in 10 litres of water overnight in a plastic bucket to make neem extract. Drain carefully after soaking the neem powder overnight. The well-filtered mixture of neem extract should be mixed with 100 litres of water and placed a sticker in it and spray it on the plant. Benefits of Neem Extract: • As the entire neem extract comes from natural sources, it is economical and is easy to make. • Regular neem extract spraying at intervals of 15 days reduces the incidence of sucking pests. • In the life cycle of insects and moths, the laying of eggs and sucking pests are prevented and the natural process of laying eggs is also restricted. • It is simple to use in organic farming because it contains natural ingredients, minus chemical ingredients. Spraying is beneficial in vegetable crops to be exported. • It is very simple to use with pesticides as well as with the integrated pest management method. • White fly, aphid, thrips, and various other types of larvae are well controlled; Neem extract should be sprayed in the crop at the larvae stage. Source: Shri. Tushar Ugale, Agriculture Entomologist.
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