AgroStar Krishi Gyaan
Pune, Maharashtra
25 Jan 20, 06:30 PM
Organic FarmingDD Kisan
Method of Crop Residue Management
• Usually, the farmers use crop residue for domestic purpose or it is destroyed by burning. • The crop residue can be used for vermicompost. • Crop residues contain biodegradable material and helps to increase soil fertility. • The crop residue is first cut into small pieces, which leads to its correct dissolution. It is used in the pit method.
• Choose the right place for the pit method. All types of layers are made in the pit. • First of all make a crop residue layer and apply cow dung to it. • Give water at intervals of 15 - 20 days, and then earthworms should be placed after 20-25 days. • Pit should contain 60% -70% sufficient moisture. Earthworm manure is ready after 2 months. Source: DD Kisan To know more, watch this video, and don't forget to Like and Share!