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Manage Borer Pest in Crops by Chilli & Garlic Kerosene Extracts
Chilli and garlic kerosene extracts are one of the indigenous techniques of preparing botanical insecticides to handle some crucial borer pests that cause economic damage to the crops. Targeted pests that can be managed by chilli and garlic kerosene extracts are Pod borer, Aphids, Armyworm, and others. Using such botanicals helps in the production of chemical residue/insecticide residue free yield. Materials Required: 1. Garlic 50 grams 2. Green chilli 25 grams 3. Kerosene 10 ml 4. Soap 12 ml 5. Water 3 litres 6. Grinder 7. For 1 acre, 1 kg garlic, and ½ chilli are needed Preparation Method: 1. Grind the garlic into a paste; Soak the garlic and Chilli paste in kerosene overnight (12 hrs) 2. Add 50 ml water 3. Mix all ingredients into the water, washing powder or soap water. Filter the extract and mix it, and stir well before spraying Application Method: Spray 10ml/litre of water on infested plants thoroughly. Source: AgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence
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