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Make rich organic compost easily at home and get a bumper production through best out of waste
Farmer friends, the use of hybrid seeds in our farming has been increasing over the years, due to which it has become necessary to use chemical fertilizers for them. The constant use of chemical fertilizers, causes drastic decline in organic and biotic nutrients in the soil, with every passing year. As a result of this, new diseases, nutrient deficiencies, unknown pest attacks and lastly reduced production has been observed. Also, buying organic fertilizers is out of our budget. So, what should you do? We are there for help at AgroStar. Here is a very economical and useful method that can be easily implemented while farming. This method is an organic method in which the main components are as below: 1. Organic FYM/enriched compost (PSN compost)/trash from the farm/farm trash/crop residue -1 Ton. 2. Composting culture - A mixture of useful bacteria and fungi which decomposes the farm waste and transforms it into rich manure -1 Kg. 3. Lots of water. 4. Total 10 days of labour (2 labourers 5 times). 5. Enriched culture - mixture of useful bacteria.
Method: A. First, take 1 ton of good organic FYM/ enriched compost/farm trash/crop residue and remove wood and plastic from it. B. Now, add 1Kg of composting culture to it. C. Now, make a long pit, 1-meter-wide and 1-meter-high, as per need. D. Add sufficient water to wet the bed properly. E. On the second day, make holes from top to bottom with the help of bamboo sticks for proper ventilation. F. After 4 to 5 days, the heat will increase in the pit. Then, after 10 days, turn the contents in the bed and maintain the moisture as required. It should not be over dry or over wet. G. Again make holes as mentioned in Point E. H. Now, let this process for 10 days more. After 10 days, gain turn the contents and make holes in it. This time the temperature will reduce and the foul smell of fertilizer will also reduce. I. After 10 days of being processed, the heat will further reduce & instead of a foul smell, a very pleasant and earthy aroma will be released. J. Now add 1 Kg. of Enrich culture in it and mix it properly, K. 1 ton of trash used in this process has now turned to 500 to 600 Kg. of rich fertilizer which is sufficient for 1acre land. With an expenditure of around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2500, including labour cost, culture and enriched fertilizer, 600 Kg of organic fertilizer full of biotic and organic nutrients is obtained by following this very easy method. In case you need more guidance to adopt this method of making organic fertilizer, all you need to do is give a missed call on 1800-3000-0021 and our experts will call you with more information. Jai Kisan! AgroStar Agronomy Center Excellence
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