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Kovid-19: Department of Agriculture released helpline numbers to help the farmers!
The entire world is suffering from the Kovid-19 epidemic, the Agriculture Department has today (March 31, 2020) started a helpline facility for farmers at its headquarters in Bengaluru._x000D_ This step has been taken by the Department of Agriculture to rectify the general situation regarding agricultural operations in the state amidst coronavirus lockdown._x000D_ Agriculture Director BY Shri Niwas Ji said that the farmers needed fertilizers, pesticides, equipment, seeds and other inputs to carry out their activities. For this, the department had instructed all its district-level officials to take steps to ensure that service providers open their sales units._x000D_ The dual problems facing farmers are not being able to take their produce to markets and lack of availability of services from agricultural input providers to look after their standing crops._x000D_ Mr. Srinivas said, the Department of Agriculture is primarily looking to ensure that agricultural inputs are available to the farmers. Passes are being issued to farm service providers to open their shops. We are trying to make aware in this regard._x000D_ Department of Agriculture helpline numbers are - 08022211764 or 08022212818. From 8 am to 8 pm._x000D_ Source: Krishi Jagaran, 31 March 2020_x000D_ To get more important information like this, stay on the AgroStar app. If you find this information useful, like it and share it with your farmer friends!_x000D_
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