AgroStar Krishi Gyaan
Pune, Maharashtra
15 Feb 20, 02:00 PM
Agri JugaadSK Agriculture
Jugaad for Nipping in Gram Crop
Method of making nipping machine: 1. First an iron rod of 4 ft. should be taken, and apply a handle by welding it. 2. Take or buy an old electronic pump motor from the market. 3. Place two sharpened blades in front of the motor with welding, so that the motor cannot move and attach to the rod with the motor and blade. 4. Connect the rod evenly to the wire, and attach a button to the handle to turn it off. 5. Install a pin connected to the rod in front of the old electronic pump by which it charges. So that the cable of the electronic pump can connect well to charge the motor. Source: SK Agriculture If you found this information useful, watch full video and don’t forget to Like and Share with your farmer friends.