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INR 30, 000 to be Transferred to Farmer’s Account!
The Modi government is working on the' Universal Basic Income Scheme' (UBI), under which a lump sum of 30 thousand rupees will be deposited into the farmers ' account. The government plans to launch this scheme for farmers, the unemployed and the poor. The Central Government is expected to decide on this during the next Cabinet meeting on 16 January. UBI will also include those farmers who make wages for others. Under it, Rs. Every month, 2,500 will be given to poor farmers and the unemployed. This amount can be given annually. However, people will not benefit from subsidies on ration and LPG cylinders after implementation.
For this, the model of the two states that the Modi government has studied, Odisha's model is favoured. In the 'Kalia' model of the state of Odisha, farmers receive Rs 25,000 in the five crop seasons. However, the Modi government plans to relieve farmers only once a year instead of harvesting the crop. What is the Universal Basic Income Scheme? Under this, every month, the government will provide every citizen of the country with a fixed amount. Citizens will not have to prove their economic status. The government will fix this amount on the basis of inflation. Also, if someone takes advantage of the scheme and creates the second source of income, the government will also control the benefits by levying a tax on it. Sources - Krishi Jagran, January 14, 2019
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