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Indications given by Cattle before giving birth
Signs of cattle delivery are critical for dairy farmers to understand their behaviour so that they can easily identify and diagnose their problems. If the animals are not in normal condition, they should be identified by means of signals. Animals show a couple of indications before calving.
Indications before Calving: • Clean mucus begins to spill out of the animal's vagina and the udder tends to loaded with milk. • Animal stays away from the crowd. • The animal does not feel hungry, nor does it show any interest in the consumption of food. • The animal gets restless and kicks in the stomach and rubs the sides with stuff like the wall. • The muscles of the pelvic region/back become loose due to which the tail rises Know the date of delivery: • If artificial insemination is done for the animal a specific date should always be noted. • If the animal is not get hit for up to 3 months from the day of artificial insemination, then check for a pregnancy test. • If the conception has been accomplished, estimate the calving time as the average cow gestation period is 280-290 days and the buffalo period is 305-318 days. Sign of Delivery: • Usually, the front legs of the calf and the head are the first ones to appear. • The water bag will be visible as soon as delivery starts. • If the health of the calf is good the animal should give birth within 30 minutes of the bursting of the water bag. • For the first calving, this time could be up to 4 hours. • If the animal seems to have more than an hour of labour pain and does not see a water bag medical assistance should be called immediately. Source: Kisan Samadhan If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.
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