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India's Top Banana Production Leads to Increased Exports
Banana production in India is the highest this year compared to other countries. This is expected to increase exports. India is expected to produce around 30 million tonnes of banana this year. The Philippines is the world's third-largest banana producer, but its production this year is down by around 25%. This is likely to increase the exports. From June to October, the Philippines produces banana, of this a large amount is exported to the Gulf countries. But this time, due to low production in the Philippines, the Gulf countries are exporting bananas from India through various agencies and agents. As a result, in the last three days, the price of banana has improved by Rs. 60 per quintal. Currently, the export price is Rs. 1,000 per quintal.
The banana harvest season in Andhra Pradesh has already ended. The harvesting in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat will begin in May. The banana crop in Maharashtra is currently the highest in the Jalgaon district. From there, two containers of bananas (one container of 20 metric ton capacity) are exported daily. There is a demand for six container bananas in the Gulf countries, such as Bahrain, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and others. Source - Agrowon, March 16, 2019 If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.
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