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Increase soil fertility by growing green manure
Green fertilizer is a cheap and good option to maintain soil fertility. At the right time, green manure is prepared by the process of suppressing the standing crop of legume plant by traversing the soil with a tractor. Green manure process 1. In April-May, irrigate the land after harvesting the crop. 2. Sprinkle dhencha seeds at the rate of 50 kg per hectare. If needed, irrigate dhencha crop lightly in 10 to 15 days. 3. Green manure is again mixed in the field by running the plow crop in 55 to 60 days stage. 4. In this way, green manure is available at the rate of about 10 to 15 tons per hectare, which gives about 60 to 80 kg of nitrogen per hectare. 5. Due to the rotting rot of the soil plants, all the nitrogen fixed by the bacteria is returned to the soil along with carbon for a long time in organic form. Properties of green manure 1. The cost of cultivation should be minimum. 2. Requires less water or minimal irrigation. 3. Should need less plant protection. 4. Provide more quantity of green manure in less time. 5. Can grow even under adverse conditions. 6. Pressing weeds to gain an early edge. Benefits of green manure 1. By adding this manure to the soil, the physical condition of the soil improves 2. Green fertilizer replenishes soil fertility 3. This fertilizer increases the availability of micro elements 4. This fertilizer increases the activity of microorganisms 5. Due to improvement in soil structure with this compost, the spread of crop roots is good 6. The leguminous plants used for green manure organize nitrogen from the atmosphere and deposit it in the root node, which increases the nitrogen in the soil 7. When the plants used for this compost are pressed into the ground by stirring, the nitrogen deposited in the root gland (nodule) due to their rotting rot comes back to the soil in organic form and increases its fertilizer power 8. Due to rotting of soil due to this compost plants, soil moisture or water holding capacity increases Suitable crops for making green manure Cowpea, Dhecha, Urad Moog, Barsim are some of the main crops for this fertilizer, which are used to make green manure. Dhecha is unattached to them. Green manure After 55 to 60 days the crop sown for this fertilizer is ready to be plowed into the soil. Source: Dainik Jagrati
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