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Important Information on Hemorrhoids Disease in Domestic Animals
Animals also suffer from numerous human-like skin diseases. One of these conditions is known as hemorrhoid disease. Hemorrhoids are caused by a vector virus called "Papilloma." Such viruses survive for months in infected cells in the body of the animal and the surrounding environment. · Virus spreads through the animal, skin lesions, scars, or contact with the infected animal · Spread by ropes used to tie the animal. · Disease is mainly found in cows and sometimes in sheep and goats. · Often found on the udder of milch animals. · Hemorrhoids can range in size from small to very large gall. · If Hemorrhoids infection on the udder, milking or extraction is difficult of milk, sometimes it infects on the vagina of animals. · Hemorrhoids infection, it causes problems at the time of artificial insemination in the cows and buffaloes. · Due to this disease, the beauty of the animal and the market value of the animal also decrease. It is a very deadly contagious disease. · It can spread to human beings too, so it is important to be careful.
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