Animal HusbandryKrishi Jaagran
Important Guidelines to be considered to Increase Milk & Fat Content in Cattle
The benefits of cattle breeding entirely depend on milk and its fat. The production of milk and the proportion of fat in livestock depends on the genetic composition of the animal. But herders get the milk from animals as per their capacity for the prime reason-malnutrition.
Vital Nutrients:_x000D_ • Do not feed the cattle with only one type of green grass in their diet. _x000D_ • Cattle should be fed by mixing beans (legume variety) with different types of green feed._x000D_ • Chopped green fodder should be provided in such a way that it is easy to eat and also reduces the loss of nutrients. _x000D_ • Dry feed should be given in the evening after milk has been extracted. _x000D_ • Cattle producing more milk must be fed a slightly higher amount of feed._x000D_ • Provide clean and fresh water to the cattle in sufficient quantity._x000D_ • Keeping a small quantity of lime-mixed water in a drinking tank does not cause calcium deficiency and also alleviates other problems._x000D_ • Adequate amount of mineral mixture should be provided to the cattle along with the dose. _x000D_ • 50 grams of mineral mixture should be taken daily in the diet. In addition along with the diet, 30 grams of salt is recommended._x000D_ • Feeding time and milk extracting time should be determined. _x000D_ • Maintain the cleanliness of cattle shelters. _x000D_ • Cattle should not face any type of discomfort or strain, otherwise, milk production and fat content will be significantly impacted.
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