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Pune, Maharashtra
23 Jun 19, 06:00 PM
Animal HusbandryPashu Sandesh
Importance of Vaccination in Livestock (Part-1)
Livestock health is crucial because thousands of milch cattle are killed every year owing to potentially dangerous illnesses such as hemorrhagic septicemia, lame, foot and mouth. This causes significant losses along with financial damage to cattle owners. Importance of Vaccination: Proper vaccination of cattle should be done right at the start and this should be done every year as per the veterinary doctor's instructions. We cannot avoid the gravity of zoonotic diseases (illnesses that spread from livestock to humans) such as rabies, anthrax, brucellosis diseases, tuberculosis, etc. This antibody offers energy to battle with the microorganisms present in the environment. The vaccines function in a certain manner; therefore it is suggested that vaccinations should be provided to the healthy animals, and not to the unhealthy or sick ones. At the same time, the manufacturing and expiry dates of the vaccines should be given special attention. Conditions of Vaccination & Disease Prevention: The immunization program assures that livestock are prevented from multiple illnesses and keeps them healthy. It is essential to conduct deworming prior to vaccination, as advised by the veterinary doctor. For at least 45 days, the cattle should be fed mineral mixture in their diet. In Part 2, we will learn when and which vaccine should be provided to the cattle. Source: Pashu Sandesh
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