AgroStar Krishi Gyaan
Pune, Maharashtra
23 Feb 20, 06:30 PM
Animal HusbandryAgroStar Animal Husbandry Expert
Importance of urea molasses animal feed
• Straw used in animal feed, wheat straw, dry leaves, sugarcane waste, dry grass, etc. which have very low protein content, and very little digestive protein content. • But when green fodder is not sufficiently available in the present season and such dry fodder is difficult and expensive to move from one place to another, animal feed mixed with other substances in the dry feed should be given to cattle. • For optimum and economical use of dry fodder, they can be stored in a small space by making small quantities of concentrate feed, jaggery, salt, mineral mixture and urea, with appropriate quantities. • An adult cattle should be given 2 Blocks of 5 kgs. The machine has been developed by various agricultural universities in various states. • If there is no machine, mix the mixture of jaggery, salt, urea and mineral in proportion, mix it well, this mixture can also be fed to the cattle.
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