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IIT students create 'Agricopter' for agriculture
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras students have developed an Agricopter to facilitate the spraying of pesticides on the crops. The imaging camera will also help in identifying the crops on the field. With this new invention, pesticides can be sprayed ten times faster and the entire land can be covered at the exact cost of the spraying by man. Three students of the Center for Innovation, IIT Madras, have developed it after observing the harmful effects of pesticides. Spraying of pesticides and the poisonous chemicals present in it poses negative impact on the health of farmers and labourers. Equipped with multispectral-imaging camera The state-of-the-art multiplexal imaging camera in the Agricopter helps the 'Hexacopter' drone to make a smart map of the crop based on crop health. Its fully automatic insecticidal refilling system ensures that the complete sprinkler is automatic. It has cost Rs. 5.1 lakhs to build the drone and It can carry 15 litres of insecticide. Source - Outlook Agriculture, July 22, 2019
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