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Government added 415 new mandis to E-NAM portal
The central government has added 415 new mandis to e-nam portal across India. As a result, the number of mandis in the national agricultural market has increased to 1 thousand. At present, 1.68 crore farmers, traders and farmers producer associations are associated with this e-nam. Registered Farmers, Traders and Farmers Producer Associations can sell their produce at home in E-Mandi. How farmers can avail e-nam benefits: • With the help of this e-nam portal, about 22 crore farmers can sell their produce in different markets of the country. Through this portal you get the best price in right market. All these transactions take place between productive farmers and direct consumers, so there is no need for an intermediary. And as our goods reach consumers at a lower cost, farmers make more profit. How do farmers connect with e-nam Go to this website, go to the search bar there and click on the registration option, then select the farmer. Log in with your email ID, and then you will get a login ID and password on your email. You will then receive a temporary email ID and password. Based on this you can login. You can register your documents in the dashboard starting after login. It was approved by the Agricultural Income Market Committee that you can start trading. You can get more information about this on portal. Source:- krushi jagruthi, 13 April 2020 If you find this information is useful to you, like it and share it with your farmer friends.
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