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Follow these Methods to Identify your Cattle
If only a few cattle are owned by the cattle breeder, it is possible to identify each of their cattle and to differentiate them from each other. But those who adopt large-scale animal husbandry and practice it with modern techniques need to have a specific method for the identification of their cattle. Importance of Cattle Identification: • Identification of all types of cattle is necessary for large-scale daily operations, such as breeding of cattle, registration of calves, details of deceased cattle, treatment and registration of milk production. • Animal identification is required for registration and insurance policies. Methods of Cattle identification: The cattle can be identified on the basis of their place of purchase, their physical form or the names of the rivers, the names of the goddess, etc. For example, most people have names such as Ganga, Jamuna, Gayatri, etc. Apart from this, there are other options that can be adopted, such as tattoo, ear tag, branding, and other related methods. Detailed information of this method can be read in an upcoming article.. Source: AgroStar Animal Husbandry Expert If this information was useful, click on the yellow thumb icon and share it with all your farmer friends through the options below!
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