Krishi VaartaKrishi Jaagran
Farmers with barren land will benefit from KUSUM
The government offers a good opportunity to promote solar energy for farmers ' good incomes. This will benefit both farmers and the general public. The government will use the farmers ' barren land for the solar power plant. Farmers are going to get rent for this wasteland. Farmers with one acre of land will receive 80,000 rupees annually. It will soon launch Kisan Urja Suraksha Utthaan Maha Abhiyaan (KUSUM).
Under the scheme, farmers can grow vegetables and other crops along with the solar plant in farmers' fields. According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), the installation of this plant requires five acres of land. About one million units of electricity can be produced from a MW solar plant in one year. Farmers who own one acre of land can plant 0.20 megawatts on it. This plant can generate 2.2 million electricity units annually. Under KUSUM Yojana farmers are required to sign the contract. Even after that, the land will only be owned by the farmer. This scheme will double farmers ' incomes. The farmer will be rented land and will also be able to grow small crops on the same land. Sources- Krishi Jagran, 22 January 2019
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