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Farmers at Advantage – Wheat with Oilseeds Yield to Increase
The main Rabi crop, wheat, is estimated to be higher along with oilseed yield during the current long winter season. According to Agriculture Commissioner S.K. Malhotra, the current wheat production in the existing Rabi is estimated at more than 100 million tonnes. During the Mint Farming Conference organized by the Indian Commerce and Industry Federation (FICCI), it was mentioned that wheat production in the current month has benefited from adequate rainfall and is expected to increase its productivity per hectare. The production of wheat in the Rabi Crop Season 2018-19 is expected to increase to more than 100 million tonnes, while in the last Rabi Season 9.97 million tonnes were produced.
The production of pulses in the current Rabi is estimated to be nearly 250 lakh tonnes last year. However, oilseed production is expected to increase from 320 to 330 lakh tonnes in the current Rabi season. The country has become almost self-sufficient in pulses, and now the government's focus is on increasing the production of oilseeds. The annual import of edible oils into the country is about Rs 70,000 crore. Source - Outlook Agriculture, 21 February 2019
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