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Effective way to overcome the problem of flower dropping in Cotton
During the month of August, the issue of less flowering and flowers shedding is prevalent. In the month of August, when it is time for rains and the weather is cloudy, cotton is in full bloom stage. Due to such conditions sunshine and the intensity of the sun are very low. In such conditions the plant does not produce auxins that are mainly responsible to generate hormones for the initiation and retention of farmers. These weather conditions are also responsible for the persistent water logged conditions. In the waterlogging condition uptake of nutrients by crop from the soil is also hampered badly. Hence, farmers are advised to select the nutrients and follow following procedures to overcome the problem. 1. Arrange for water drainage from the field. 2. Avoid excess urea application. 3. Use Ammonium Sulphate instead of Urea. This will help to absorb moisture from the soil, to allow aeration and help to uptake more nutrients from soil. 4. Spray Alpha Naphthyl Acetic Acid 4.5% SL @ 4.5 ml/15 lits of water. 5. Spray Boron 20% @15 grams/15 lit of water. 6. Soil application of Magnesium Sulphate at least 15 kg/acre with Murate of Potash @25 kg/acre with Ammonium Sulphate @25 kg/acre. (This may be increased as per the requirement). 7. Do not spray any growth inducing hormones. 8. In worst situation, farmers can spray 00-52 -34 @ 75gms/15 lit of pump or 13-40-13 @75gms/pump or 13-00-45 @75gms/pump.
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