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DAP and NPK fertilizer price cut by Rs 50
IFFCO has reduced the price of DAP and NPK fertilizer by Rs 50 per bag. The price of the first NPK fertilizer was Rs 1365, which was reduced to Rs 1250. Now it has been reduced by Rs 50 to Rs 1200. The price of NPK-II has been reduced from Rs 1260 to Rs 1210 and the price of NP has been reduced from Rs 1000 to Rs 950. The price of DAP was earlier Rs 1400, which was reduced to Rs 1300. Now it has been reduced by Rs 50 to Rs 1250. The full name of DAP is Diammonium Phosphate. This fertilizer contains more than half the amount of phosphorus. DAP increases the fertility of the ground and makes it brittle which helps in spreading the roots. When the root is strong, more fruit is produced in the crops. At the same time, NPK fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus and, potassium. It strengthens plants (stalks) and fruits. The use of this fertilizer reduces the problem of fruit fall. Both fertilizers are granular, hence it is used only at the time of sowing of crops so that the stems of the plants are strong and the roots can spread more and more in the ground. Source - Outlook Agriculture, 15 August 2019
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