Monsoon SamacharAgriculture Weather Expert - Shri. Ramchandra Sable
Current Week to Witness Rainfall in State
The reduced air pressure of 1004 Hectopascals causes low-pressure air zone. As a result, monsoon is expected to arrive at maximum speed on June 9 due to the low pressure of 1002 Hectopascals in the north, south, and central part of the country. On June 8th and 9th, crossing the banks of the Karnataka region, the monsoon will start from the eastern region of the Konkan coast on June 11th with Mumbai and the southern part of the state. June 12 will witness heavy rainfall in the Konkan part of the state. Monsoon rains will continue to exist on 13 June in Konkan and western parts. In addition, monsoon is likely to reach Marathwada and the northern part of Vidharbha, and rainfall is predicted to begin on June 14 and 15. All sections of the state are expected to experience monsoon on June 16th.
Agricultural Advice: 1. After this week's arrival of the monsoon in the state, if soil moisture is 65 ml sowing should be performed. 2. Broad flatbeds can be prepared across the slopes for rainwater preservation in the dryland and rainfed region. 3. First sowing should include cereals. 4. Cultivation of low-duration and low-water crops with their short-duration varieties should be performed. Dr. Ramchandra Sable, Senior Agricultural Climate Expert Share this important weather information with your friends through Facebook, WhatApp, and SMS
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