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28 Feb 19, 10:00 AM
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Control Sucking Pests in Summer Groundnut
Farmers also grow groundnut in summer. In the groundnuts, sucking pests such as aphids, jassids, and thrips are observed. These pests suck sap from the plants. The damage is more severe if the infestation occurs during the flowering stage of the crop. Integrated management: • On initiation of the pests, spray neem-based formulations. • Spray Verticillium Lacani, a fungus-based powder @ 40 gm per 10 litre of water. • Avoid the insecticidal spray on higher population of ladybird beetle, predator of aphids. • Install yellow sticky traps in the field.
• On the infestation of aphid, spray imidacloprid 17.8 SL @ 5 ml per 10 litre of water or apply phorate 10 G @ 15 kg per hectare. • If jassids are observed, spray Imidacloprid 17.8 SL @ 3 ml or Lambda Cyhelothrin 10 EC @ 5 ml or Quinalphos 25 EC @ 20 ml per 10 litre of water. • If only thrips are observed, spray recommended insecticides such as, Lambda Cyhelothrin 5 EC @ 4 ml or Quinalphos 25 EC @ 20 ml per 10 litre of water. Dr. T. M. Bharpoda, Ex. Professor of Entomology, B. A. College of Agriculture, Anand Agricultural University, Anand- 388 110 (Gujarat India) If you find this information useful, click on the yellow thumbs up sign under the photo and also share this with your farmer friends using the options given below.