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Control Pests and Fungi through Seed Treatment
• To prevent root and dry root decay (caused by Rhizoctonia bataticola), seed treatment should be done with 1 gm of Carbendazim or 1.5 gm of Thiram per kg of seeds. • In the areas with termite infestation, Fipronil 5 SC 10 ml per kg seeds should be used for seed treatment. In the areas with wire worm infestation, seeds should be sown after treatment with Quinalphos 25 EC 10 ml per kg seeds. • Seeds should be sown after they have been treated with Trichoderma culture. Three packets of this culture are sufficient for seed treatment in one-hectare area. For seed treatment, heat water as required and add jaggery. Cool this mixture and then mix the culture properly. Then treat the seeds with this mixture and dry the seeds in shade. Sow the seeds immediately
thereafter. First of all, treat seeds with fungicides, then with insecticides and then with Trichoderma. If molybdenum deficiency is found in soil testing, it should be treated with 3.5 gm sodium molybdate per kg of seeds before the seeds are treated with Trichoderma culture and then seeded. AgroStar Agronomy Center Excellence
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