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Chance of rain in Vidarbha, Marathwada
Pune: Temperatures in many parts of the state have increased dramatically due to the halt in the state. Due to low-pressure area in central Maharashtra, rainfall is forecasted in Vidarbha and Marathwada today. There is a possibility of heavy rains in Marathwada. The Meteorological Department has forecast rain in Konkan and some places in central Maharashtra. The rains have brought the temperature to 30 degrees in many places in the state. Solapur in central Maharashtra recorded the maximum temperature of 34.9 degrees Celsius in the morning hours till August 20. The temperature in central Maharashtra is between 20 and 35 degrees. Konkan is around 30 to 33 degrees, Marathwada to 29 to 34 degrees and Vidarbha to around 29 to 34 degrees. Reference - Agrowon, August 21, 2019
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