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Bypass Protein is an Important Animal Diet!
The cattle’s stomach is divided into four parts, namely rumen, reticulum, omezum, and abomasum, respectively. In the cattle’s diet, some protein elements in the rachel first disintegrate into the abdomen instead of being absorbed into the stomach (rumen). Such proteins are called bypass proteins. When is a bypass protein needed? • Fast growing calves (cross cow) • When animal milk production exceeds 12–15 litres • Animals receive less quality feed compared good quality.
Bypass protein delivery method: According to the different physiological stages of the animal, evidence of protein in the diet should be kept at 14% to 20% • At least 40% of the total protein requirement must be received by the cattle in the form of this prepared bypass protein. • When bypass protein is not available, then such supplements can be given to the cattle in the diet due to excessive bypass protein in cotton cake, rice bran, corn husk, etc. Benefits of bypass protein: • Very useful for body growth and production. • Increases milk production, increases average growth rate, milk fat and protein percentage. Source: AgroStar Animal Husbandry Expert Was this information useful to you? Then don’t forget to Like and Share it with your farmer friends!
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