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Benefits of soluble fertilizers
The fertilizers which completely dissolve in water are called as soluble fertilizers. Nowadays farmers are using more soluble fertilizers than before as they have understood its benefits. So now we are going to understand the benefits of soluble fertilizers as below. • As they are soluble in water, they become immediately available to the crops. • As the water and nutrients are regularly available to the crop, the production increases substantially. • There is good production of export quality. • The soluble fertilizers can be given daily or on alternate days as per need of the crop and stage of the crop. • Soluble fertilizers are given directly near the roots of crop, so they are immediately available to the roots. • As soluble fertilizers are given through mild solution, they do not affect the roots adversely. • As the method of giving these fertilizers is easy and convenient, the labour cost is saved. • As these fertilizers are given everyday or on alternate days the nutrients are not wasted through draining.
• As they are acidic nature, they help to control the pH of the soil. In addition to it, the minerals do not get deposited in the drip irrigation. So the drippers do not choke. • The soluble fertilizers are free from harmful chemicals like sodium chloride, so the texture of the soil is not adversely affected. And the quality of the produce improves. • Even in light soil high yield can be obtained through fertigation.