Beneficial Animal Husbandry Tips during Monsoon
Among all the potential major benefits of the monsoon season, there are certain precautions that cattle keepers should take care of. If precautionary measures are not carried out during the rainy season, several diseases can result in the death of cattle. The following measures should be taken to better manage the health of the cattle: • Repair the shade from which the water drips • Maintain adequate ventilation • Provide medication to protect livestock from stomach worms • Prevent the spread and invasion of flies and mosquitoes • Store animal feed in a dry location • Check the bodies of the cattle and wash the udder with an antiseptic after milking • Clean cattle shed frequently with phenyl • Bathe the animals regularly to keep them clean and healthy • Provide appropriate space for each cattle • Take special care of any kind of injuries on the bodies of the cattle and apply antiseptic • Do not allow livestock to consume extra green fodder as it could cause diarrhea • Provide balanced feed to satisfy enhanced metabolism • Appropriately dispose of livestock feces and urine, otherwise it may lead to diseases spread • Keep infected cattle separate from healthy ones • Immunostimulant should be given to boost immunity Source:
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