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Anthrax Disease: Treatment and Control
Anthrax is an acute, infectious febrile disease in virtually all animals and humans. It is caused by Bacillus anthracis. • In India, it is the most well-known cause of sudden death of cattle, sheep and goats. Symptoms • This disease may occur in paracute, acute or sub-acute form. The animal may die suddenly, even without showing any symptoms. • In acute and sub-acute forms, a high rise in body temperature and signs of intense pain may occur.
Treatment and control_x000D_ • Due to the acute nature of the disease resulting in sudden death, treatment is usually not possible in animals, although anthrax bacilli are clinics. Treatment is helpful in cases of sub-acute disease._x000D_ • Anthrax reacts well to antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics should be prescribed and taken with medical advice. Antibiotics or any other drugs should not be used for treatment without medical advice._x000D_ AgroStar Agronomy Centre of Excellence
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