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Animal Husbandry Calendar: Things to Note in December
• Adequate protection of cattle against cold weather. • Bind the cattle to the warm shed at night. • If vaccines for diseases such as Foot and Mouth, Haemorrhagic Septicaemia, Sheep Pox, Enterotoxemia, etc. are not yet administered; this must be done immediately. • Give the cattle a mixture of mineral salts-mineral mixture in the quantity prescribed.
• To protect dairy cattle from mastitis, extract entire milk and, after milking, wash the udder in an insecticide solution._x000D_ • Keep the amount of green feed in the cattle diet limited and increase the amount of dry feed, because over-eating green fodder can cause diarrhoea issues._x000D_ • If green food is leftover, dry it in the shade and store it as dry grass._x000D_ Source: NDDB_x000D_
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