Krishi VaartaKrishi Jaagran
A machine that tells the amount of pesticide in vegetables and fruits
Now chemicals or pesticides can be easily detected in fruits and vegetables. Infact, a team of students from the Indian Institute of Science and Research Institute (IISER), Thiruvananthapuram, has designed a machine that can easily detect the amount of dangerous pesticides in the crop. To check for pesticides, first, take out a sample of fruit or vegetable juices and place them on a paper strip. With the help of Raman spectrometer, this machine will give the information about the sample of the juice in fruit or vegetable which will be visible on the screen. By evaluating the amount of pesticide shown in the machine, you can decide whether the fruit or vegetable is worth eating. Explain that till now it used to take about 7 to 8 days to find the amount of pesticides in fruits or vegetables, but this new invention can give results in just 5 hours. The students said that this machine will come to the market very soon. Source - Krishi Jagran, 6 August 2019
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