Krishi VaartaAmar Ujala
3 million tonnes of urea production less this year
In the current financial year, the country's urea production is expected to fall from 3 million tonnes to 2.41 million tonnes, because some of the machines are under repair, a senior officer of the Fertilizer Ministry has given information. He said that in the year 2016-17, the production of urea was 2.44 million tonnes in the country.
This year urea production will be low as some plants are closed and for energy efficiency, they are under repair work. This is the reason that less than three lakh tonnes of urea will be produced although this will create a temporary effect. In the last two years, the production of urea in the country has been huge, but with the annual demand of 3.2 million tonnes, it is still far behind. Amar Ujala 27/11/2017
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