AgroStar Krishi Gyaan
Pune, Maharashtra
08 Mar 20, 01:00 PM
Krishi VaartaOutlook Agriculture
27.50 Lakh Bales of Cotton Exported by End of February
In the current season starting from October 1, 2019, till February 29, 27.50 lakh bales (one lump-170 kg) has been exported, while 12 lakh bales of cotton have also been imported during this period. The outstanding stock is expected to increase to 38.50 lakh bales in the new cotton season starting from October 1, 2020, which is more than 32 lakh bales of the current crushing season. The Cotton Association of India (CAI) has kept cotton production estimates at 354.50 lakh bales for the current season, while in the current season from the October 1, 2019 to the end of February, 254.43 lakh bales of cotton has arrived in the producing markets. Last year, cotton produce was 312 lakh bales. In the current season, the production of cotton in the northern states of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan is estimated to be 61 million bales. Similarly, 197 lakh bales are estimated to be produced in the states of Central India, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. The states of South India, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are estimated to produce 91.50 lakh bales. Source: Outlook Agriculture, 6 March 2020 If you find this information useful, Like and Share it with all your farmer friends.